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woensdag 21 augustus 2013


I don't know about you guys but I love to travel. I want to see the world and meet new people and discover new cities. The countries I've been are not that much: France, England and Belgium.
Places I definitely want to see: New york ( !!!!), Dubai, LA, Japan, Ibiza, Mexico.
There is so much more to see in the world and I want to see them all before I die and I want to meet new people with other perspectives than you.
I really want a job later who gives you opportunities to travel and see the world but there are not many jobs who allows that. I definitely want to go every summer to a new country later ( If I have the money hehe :] )
The thought of school- high school- university-work-dead makes me really scared. I don't want to have a typical life. Some people are so busy making money and to succeed in life  that they forgot that there are so many other things in life. So don't be too hard on yourself and try to add new adventures in your life !

( Excuse me for my bad English )

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  1. Oh yeah, I definitely want to see the world too :-)

  2. i would love to see the world too!

  3. Although I've not been many places, I do love the traveling I've been able to do. Although I've never left the country, I have big dreams of seeing the world! Wanderlust, GO!

    xo Ashley

  4. I like your blog, it is a beautiful and interesting! Best wishes from Russia.

  5. Traveling is wonderful and I really hope you get to see all the countries and cities that you dream about!


  6. hey! ik heb je genomineerd voor de liebster award! Voor meer informatie kun je kijken op mijn blog x Rosanne

  7. great post! I love to travel


  8. Cool illustration!

    I almost wanted to yell hey where's Amsterdam haha :)

    I would love to go to Tokyo some day :)

    Just got a new necklace and would love to know your opinion on it :D !

    Have a great day :D


    The Sarah Klass Necklace

  9. I love travel, it is important to discover another countries and cultures :)